St. Patrick’s Day Random 10


Well, I didn’t try to make an Irish-themed Random 10 this week, just the usual first 10 songs in iTunes’ Party Shuffle. So here goes…

  1. “Fake” — The Frames (hey! an Irish band!)
  2. “New Mistake” — Jellyfish
  3. “Flavor of the Week” — American Hi-Fi, whom I saw in concert a few years ago, opening for…
  4. “You’ll Never Be a Man” — Elvis Costello. Who is of Irish descent.
  5. “Too Shy” — Kajagoogoo
  6. “Chorus” — Erasure
  7. “Hoy Hoy” — The Collins Kids (old rockabilly track)
  8. “Limitless Expressions” — the Posies
  9. “Touch Me I’m Sick” — Mudhoney
  10. “Narcolepsy” — Ben Folds Five

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