New pattern preview, with buttons


What is this? It’s a new knitting pattern I wrote last week. Or, at least, a close-up picture of the item knitted from said pattern. I can’t show the whole thing because I am perhaps submitting it for publication somewhere, so I can’t publish it myself yet until I know whether it gets accepted. But I wanted to post a tiny pic to mark that I finished it, anyway. So here is a little excerpt of this item, with its silver buttons.

The color is very nice. The yarn is one of the Jo-Ann Sensations yarns, Cosetta, in Cosetta Purple. Which is a blue-purple variegated wool yarn with little bits of silver nylon to make it reflective. I like this yarn; it’s quite nice to knit and it is just so pretty.

I’m not exactly sure where I am going to submit this. It was going to be Knitty, but I missed the deadline for Spring, and this really isn’t a Summer item nor one that matches their theme for the summer issue. So I could wait and submit it for the fall issue there, or just send it somewhere else.

I will post another pattern relatively soon. I know I said no more wristwarmers for a while. But I lost my own pair. Wah! So I have to knit another, and it would be boring to make them exactly the same… so they are just a bit different. A more interesting variation on the One-Day Wristwarmers with a tiny touch of cabling. Nothing all that fancy, but they are pretty. And this time in cashmere — or, at least, a cashmere blend. Yummy. So stay tuned for those. I’m halfway done with one of them; they don’t take long to knit, but I haven’t really had time to knit this weekend.

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