What we could have had


pro-monorail poster

Instead, we get this.

Nice work, idiots. So what are you going to use to get from West Seattle to anywhere on the west side of the city when the viaduct goes down for repair?

As I mentioned on another site earlier — the monorail board was so inept and stupid at every turn that one almost wonders if the murder of the monorail project was an inside job.

I would really, really like to live somewhere where they actually build transit projects instead of putting them up for multiple elections until they can kill them. (Five, this time. The monorail won four times. But the fifth one — which never should have happened — killed it.)

And you ex-monorail supporters? Shame on you. Maybe you thought the current plan was screwed up, and maybe it was. But by voting no, you’ve probably ensured that there will be no alternative for a very long time.

The original Seattle Center monorail opened 3 years before I was born. I was kind of hoping to see it expanded sometime before I’m too old to enjoy using it.

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