Knitpost: Branching Out


I have a few more items in the knitting process now. One of them is this scarf, Knitty’s Branching Out. I’m knitting this of vintage Spinnerin Frostlon yarn I found at the thrift store. The yarn is 67% mohair and 33% orlon acrylic. The original color was a very pale peachy beige, which is yuk, so I overdyed it with Kool-Aid. The acrylic fiber doesn’t take dye, but the mohair does, so the result is a rose color with peach undertones. (It looks more pink in this photo than it is.) It took me three tries to get the pattern to work, but now I’ve got it down and the scarf is coming along nicely, if slowly. I’m only doing one pattern repeat every day or so.

Since this is a thrift-store yarn scarf, the total cost will be about $5. The mini-Clapotis scarf I made recently, also recycled yarn, was $2.

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