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I wasn’t really planning to knit more scarves, but suddenly I caught the Clapotis bug that has been spreading through the knitosphere. (Clapotis really sounds like something either contagious, or sexual, or both, doesn’t it? Well, get your minds out of the gutter. It’s French!)

I had this yarn I had recycled by unraveling a large scarf I bought at the Goodwill outlet store ($1.29/pound!), and it was variegated pastels. It made me think that a Clapotis would be fun to knit with it. But I didn’t have enough for the full-size item, so I knit a mini-Clapotis.

When the scarf was almost done, I realized the pastel Easter egg colors weren’t really anything I wanted to wear. It just looked too “baby girl.” So I gambled. I overdyed the whole darned scarf in Kool-Aid — “jamaica” (hibiscus) flavor. And this was the result — a deep red/pink/orange/brown. I am very pleased.

This is really the first knitted item I’ve completed that I have been fully happy with. The others, while I like them, have mistakes that irritate me. This one isn’t perfect, but it really looks much better than what I’ve done before, and so I think I am improving. I might be getting faster, too — it took only a week! And, hey, it’s knitted in the bias! Cool, huh?

More photos of the project, from beginning to end, are on my Flickr site.

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