Maybe now my feet will be warm


I finished my first pair of knitted socks! They are not exactly alike; the second sock is slightly smaller (because of some mistakes I made on the first that I didn’t make on the second). But it doesn’t show when I am wearing them. It’s all a learning process, you see. Anyway, another finished project! And now on to something entirely un-socklike.

Oh, I just noticed the post from last month showing my early sock progress. I think I had been messing with it off and on for a week (only 2-4 rows a day for the first few days, then I started getting into it) when I took that photo, so in that case, it took me just over a month to knit a pair of socks. For a slow newbie knitter like me (who didn’t even knit every day) that’s pretty good. But of course it’s terribly slow compared to what other knitters can do.

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