WA State to West Coast Towing: Get Lost


A follow-up to my post about “predatory towing” from last year: According to the Seattle Times, the state has revoked the towing license of John Tillison, the owner of West Coast Towing. Those who have followed the towing follies posts here over the last year might remember that West Coast was accused of illegal “patrol towing,” and also of moving legally parked cars into illegal spots so they could then claim the right to tow them.

According to this Times story, when Tillison was told to stop patrol towing, he started “booting” cars instead to extort money from the owners. Same result as before, without an actual “tow.” Booting on private property, as it turns out, is illegal.

So now West Coast was evicted by their landlord, Tillison has lost his towing license for 10 years, and he’s also been fined. Sounds like a victory for the good guys, as far as I’m concerned.

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