The height of 1901 style


Today I visited the Stimson-Green Mansion on First Hill, since I am researching it for a paper. Here are some photos I took. The house was built in 1901. It is strongly influenced by English Arts and Crafts, but is an Eclectic style — several rooms are Tudor, one is Empire style, one is a sort of Moorish style. All of it is incredibly well-crafted, and well-preserved. It’s amazing that the gilded burlap wall covering in the entry hall, for example, was not removed over the years. The painted design on it has been retouched, but it is otherwise original.

Mostly these are pictures of details within the house. The big pictures of the rooms and hallways, and the exterior, are easily found online and in books, but the details are harder to find, so I photographed those. Unfortunately I ran out of photo battery power so I didn’t get as many photos as I had hoped to get.

You can see other pictures and info about the house (including exterior shots and lots of stuff I didn’t get to photograph) at:

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