Discussion group for HUX students


(This entry is basically here to get Google to include the HUX group in its search results. So it’s not very entertainin’ readin’, sorry.)

My distance learning graduate school program, the Humanities External MA (HUX) at California State University, Dominguez Hills, supposedly has an online discussion group at the CSUDH website. However, that discussion forum hasn’t been functional in ages. So there is a Yahoo Group/mailing list for HUX students instead. It’s really, really useful. Since we’re all distance students, it can be incredibly isolating much of the time, and this group makes it easier for us. If you are a HUX student, or are interested in the HUX program, you might want to check it out.

(There. Now Google might index the HUX group. Lately it seems that I can’t get Google to include anything at all via direct submission, but if I link to something directly from Slumberland, that usually works.)

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