Another step in the process


Went to the Bungalow Fair at Town Hall yesterday and saw some amazing stuff, none of which we can afford. Gorgeous antique furniture, silkscreen, watercolor and letterpress prints, William Morris wallpapers, pottery, etc. There was a book I really wanted: a 100 year-old art book with tons of amazing engravings — but it was $400.

Since we couldn’t improve the house with any of that, I came home and sanded the spackled walls in the foyer until my arms gave out. It’s a little more than half done (yes, I am a wimp), and the next steps are: finish sanding, get Jason to spackle some of the ceiling bits I can’t reach, clean the walls, tape, primer, and paint. (Then there is some floor work but I don’t want to think about that right now.)

This is the slowest renovation ever.

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