06 Dec

Infographics weblog

There was a time about 10 years ago when my job was to create infographics for a daily newspaper. Every day I went in to the newspaper office, made a graphic or two, then went home. (It was a part-time job.) There are worse jobs out there, though after a while, the assignment “make a graphic displaying ‘job growth in the South Sound region,’ and it has to be different from the job growth graphics you did last month and the month before” was less than thrilling. Still, it was kind of fun.

I’ve just found an infographics weblog with a running list of links to a variety of infographics. It also has links to collections of infographics about 9-11 and the Columbia disaster. (The Columbia link is broken, but the page can still be reached at http://www.nixlog.com/infographics_new/space_shuttle_columbia.php.) Interesting stuff.

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