29 Nov

Richard Elliott, reflector artist, RIP

Reflector art on new light rail line

A few months ago I wrote about the lovely reflector art installed on Martin Luther King Jr Way as part of the light rail project, and was thrilled when the artist himself replied to my post. So I am very sad today to hear that Richard Elliott, the reflector artist, died recently of pancreatic cancer. He mentioned “health issues” in his comment, but I had no idea.

04 Jun

Not stained glass, but reflector art

Reflector art on new light rail line

Not a lot of posts lately — sorry. I’m kind of overwhelmed with stuff lately. Anyway.

This is art along the new light rail line on MLK Way in SE Seattle. It’s all reflectors. It’s by the same artist who did the reflector art that used to be on the side of the Henry Art Gallery. I loved that installation and I love this one too. It lights up so nicely as you drive by.

I was just driving down MLK tonight and happened to have a camera with me, so I pulled over, and propped the camera up on the dashboard, and took the picture with a 10 second delay, so that any wobble would hopefully die down before the shutter opened. It worked well enough to get these pics. Not ideal (I couldn’t really position the camera at the angle I wanted), but better than nothing.

The light here is what was reflected from my headlights (I was parked at an angle, not really pointing at the reflectors) and perhaps a little bit from the nearby streetlights, but it doesn’t take much to get the reflectors to glow.

Someday I’ll get out there with a tripod and try some more interesting shots, maybe with some light painting as well.

17 Mar

A wealth of stained glass on Flickr

While looking for an image for someone tonight, I stumbled on one of the most beautiful photosets I’ve ever seen on Flickr: Gordon Plumb’s Stained Glass. 183 beautiful photos of stained glass, including some lovely photos of William Morris-designed windows.

After viewing Plumb’s set I wanted to look at some more glass, and found the English Stained Glass — Pre Victorian pool. More great photos. Something I found interesting in this one was the large amount of windows that are made up of fragments of older windows, put together in a sort of collage. It makes me quite sad that so many windows were destroyed, though the new versions are nice, too.

And finally, there is the general Stained Glass pool, with more than 11,000 pictures to enjoy.

05 Jun

Tasty art

While browsing Shorpy, I saw a link to Box of Apples — a site devoted to fruit crate label art. They sell giclée prints of them, but even if you’re not in the market, the gallery is a fun browse. They mention in their blog that “…one reason these labels are so pretty is that instead of the usual four-color printing (where cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined to produce the desired hue), they used eight- and twelve- color printing.” Close-up examples are provided to illustrate this. They are all great, but I think I like this one the best.

05 Jun

The past in photos

Shorpy: The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog is one of those blogs that just makes you say “Wow!” on a regular basis. The photos aren’t all a century old, though some of them are. (Lately a lot of them have been Depression-era.) But they are all quite old, and quite amazing to look at. Many are just plain beautiful. Others are more thought-provoking.

I especially like the 4×5 Kodachrome transparencies like this and this — it’s so strange to see these times so long ago in color that seems so real. We are used to seeing most photos of that era in black and white, or sepia-tone, or hand-colored, or faded old colors. But of course, real life was colorful.

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