16 Sep

Stadium parking scams, etc.

This P-I article about parking scams in the stadium area is primarily about folks trying to charge guests money to park in public (that is, free) parking spots, but there are a couple of mentions of our old friends TBT Towing as well. Apparently there are a lot of TBT signs posted in areas in which they have no legal right to tow, such as city property. “The (towing) operators deny putting up the signs, instead blaming property owners, who then point back to the towing companies.”

It’s definitely kind of a mess down there. As I live in the area and frequently drive through before game time, I can confirm this. I’ve seen people trying to sell on-street parking spaces before, and there are a lot of signs posted by businesses to intimidate people from parking in legal city spaces.

More on Seattle towing issues can be found in our towing category page.

One thought on “Stadium parking scams, etc.

  1. I work for the Seahawks at the stadium on game days in town selling/auctioning off signed memorabila for charaties. My employer told me that I didn’t have to worry about parking because it was free and being the first home game I didn’t know otherwise. I parked at Express Credit Union parking lot with one other car there at 9am, at 130pm I went back after kick off for lunch break and car gone and lot full. Tow yard says towed at owner of lots choice and I owed somewhere around $400. Unfortuneately I had not transfered ownership of car title to my name and neither had previous owner. But at one time I had reported stolen and recovered later, the police never said not in my name and would make sure not showing stolen. Now tow yard won’t release even though I have title given to me by prior owners, just not turned in yet. This can’t be completely legal on there part and are they allowed to tow one person and not another or if you are required to pay shouldn’t there be signs or lot attendant?

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