01 Nov

Welcome to November

Me in Elizabethan male drag. Pumpkin pants, codpiece, and all!It’s been a busy week or so for me. I decided to take a week off from blogging and reading some of my favorite websites. One reason: so I could finish the Halloween costume you see at right. Yes, that’s me as an Elizabethan-era male. No, the facial hair is not real. (It’s eyeliner.) Yes, I have a codpiece (you can’t properly see it in this picture, though). The doublet is a little large but the costume otherwise came out well. Actually, the doublet is something I already had; I picked it up this summer and then when October came around I realized that I had the beginning of a fine costume. So I made the hat and pumpkin pants this week. Unfortunately I didn’t have any really great events to wear it to.

Other thing I had to spend time on this week was researching ways to avoid blog spammers. We were getting slammed with spams for gambling, medications, etc. Though none of them actually managed to appear on the blog, we were still having to spend time dealing with them. Jason helped a lot with this, and so now I hope things will be a little better. Spammers: go away. Your spams won’t appear here and so you won’t get any search engine benefits by spamming us.

On a completely different note, the election is tomorrow. I have an absentee ballot, for the first time ever. I’ll fill it out tonight and drop it in tomorrow’s mail. I am still worried about the outcome; this has been such an ugly election that even if my candidate (Kerry, duh) wins, I think the country’s been damaged by this whole process. On the other hand, so many people are voting that never bothered before, and this amazes me. I wish it didn’t take this mess to get people to vote, and I hope that all the new voters will stay involved at this level or even do more in the future.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to November

  1. Because of the outcome of this election, I have 4 friends trying to talk me into moving to canada with them. They are leaving. I mean… they are packing up and actually leaving! I told them I couldn’t afford it. One, who is selling her house, said she’d pay off what ever I didn’t get for my car if I sold it.

    I’m not leaving yet. I wonder what the stats will be though on how many democrats have left this country after this election.

  2. Do your friends realize how difficult it is these days to get Canadian residency? You can’t just move in.

    I researched this and found that there would be some difficulty for us. Jason doesn’t have a degree so we can’t get enough skilled worker points. And I can’t marry a Canadian, because I’m already married. 😉

    It’s actually frustrating to live so close to Canada and not be free to move there. NAFTA doesn’t apply to us.

  3. its funny they recently put up a monument for draft dodgers who are now canadian citizens in BC. So I have heard that is from a canadian visitor to the bar I work at.

  4. I am moving to Canada, but not right away. My timeline is for the summer of 2007, maybe August. I’ve visited the Canadian Consulate to get a citizenship certificate application for my son, I’m upgrading my skills for a decent career, and I’m working on getting my spouse to use his company’s offer of paid education to get his MCSE so he can be employable when I sponsor him. Yes, I’m a Canadian citizen, but my husband is not.

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