19 Feb

“Satan wins again”

…or, George Steinbrenner, at least.

Looks like the folks in Texas are going to welcome A-Rod back to The Ballpark the same way Seattle fans welcomed him back to the Safe. It’s just possible they may be even more bitter about Alex than we are.

“The losing ‘ate away’ at Rodriguez, the TV reports said Tuesday, as a somber dirge played in the background.” Did he really think he could single-handedly get them to the Series, with his giant salary (and possibly even more giant ego) dragging them down?

I really hate the way stuff like this poisons the game for me. I would love to remember Alex as a Mariners hero, but right now I just can’t. Edgar Martinez—now that’s a hero. (At least, in the baseball sense. I don’t think he’s rescued any children from burning buildings lately, but please allow me my sports fan hyperbole.) A-Rod is richer but he is no Edgar.

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