29 Aug

Speaking of Looka! — I stumbled on that blog while browsing The Gumbo Pages, looking for some good recipes for Louisianan food. Jason and I were in New Orleans earlier this month, ate like kings while we were there, and since returning to Seattle, we’ve been suffering serious withdrawal. I want shrimp remoulade, crawfish etouffee, and pecan pie, and I want it NOW.

Anyway, The Gumbo Pages is an amazing resource on all things New Orleans, including recipes for the olive salad that makes muffaletta sandwiches so great. I love this site and will visit it frequently. If only I could visit New Orleans so often!

27 Aug

You’ve probably heard about the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the extreme things they’ve done in pursuit of their theocracy. Here’s the latest — a ban on the Internet, to all except for one “trusted man.”

“The office of communications is ordered to find ways to ensure that use of the internet becomes impossible,” the decree said. “The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (the religious police) is obliged to monitor the order and punish violators.”

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