31 Oct

Movies seen today: The Exorcist (at the Cinerama) and The Chocolate War, on TV. I had never seen the Exorcist; it was pretty good, but I guess it would have been much more shocking in 1973. (I was only eight then, so of course, I wasn’t allowed to see it.) The Cinerama was a good place to see it. The sound was excellent.

I’ve seen the Chocolate War several times, including its initial run (might have been the World Premiere run, even) at the Broadway Market back in 1988. Very few people saw that movie in a theater, but it did run here for a while, probably because it was filmed in the Seattle area. (I used to work with a guy who was in the movie.) I like it a lot. The ending is very different from the book’s ending, but don’t believe the clueless reviewers on the IMDB who call it a happy ending — it’s far from sunny. The 80s soundtrack with Yaz, Peter Gabriel, and Kate Bush suits the film quite well — I didn’t think it made it a period piece as much as just provided a certain mood of loneliness and longing. (Seattle’s grey weather added to that mood as well.) It’s well-worth watching if you get a chance.

Trivia I liked reading in the IMDB: star Ilan Mitchell-Smith (who was also in Weird Science — I never saw that one) went on to get a doctorate in Medieval Studies and is now a professor. That’s really neat — I wouldn’t mind delving into that field of study myself.

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