09 Jul

Today is the last day of my quarter break — tomorrow, it’s right back to work. I’m relatively proud of what I got done during the break, besides skating at Regionals. I made homemade strawberry and raspberry jam, and canned it. I’ve never done that before, but the jam came out good. Yesterday and today I made a mock turtleneck shirt in pale yellow fabric. This is only the third project I’ve made with the sewing machine I got for Christmas — the previous two were an apron (an easy starter project — I figured “how can you mess up an apron?”) and a square-necked shirt. The latest shirt fits better than the last one. Not that I can take credit for that; it was just dumb luck. Anyway, I’m feeling very “Suzy Homemaker” today. Maybe I’m finally getting over the D I got in junior high home ec!

06 Jul

Today’s $50 word: Electronystagmography. I get to have this test done today. I’ve been having vertigo problems off and on since the day after Thanksgiving. For a skater (or anyone, really), this is not good. So the electronystagmography (I cut-and-pasted that — who wants to type a word that long?) will, with luck, help pinpoint the cause of the vertigo.

06 Jul

Speaking of reality TV, the new series Big Brother premiered last night. In this one, 10 people live in a house with no contact with the outside world, filmed 24 hours a day. I missed the first episode but I did peek at the website, which features live video feeds. At 3 am, everyone appears to be asleep. Not too thrilling. But I can tell you that at least one resident of the Big Brother house snores like a beater car with no muffler.

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