09 Jul

Today is the last day of my quarter break — tomorrow, it’s right back to work. I’m relatively proud of what I got done during the break, besides skating at Regionals. I made homemade strawberry and raspberry jam, and canned it. I’ve never done that before, but the jam came out good. Yesterday and today I made a mock turtleneck shirt in pale yellow fabric. This is only the third project I’ve made with the sewing machine I got for Christmas — the previous two were an apron (an easy starter project — I figured “how can you mess up an apron?”) and a square-necked shirt. The latest shirt fits better than the last one. Not that I can take credit for that; it was just dumb luck. Anyway, I’m feeling very “Suzy Homemaker” today. Maybe I’m finally getting over the D I got in junior high home ec!

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