18 Feb

Bye bye PointCast. I remember using PointCast a few years ago — it was great for a news junkie like me. Why did I stop using it? not for any of the stupid reasons listed in this article. I stopped using it because it crashed if you looked at it cross-eyed. Maybe if they’d fixed the bugs, the service could have survived.

18 Feb

Marketers keep trying to narrow the generations more and more. From the article Gen i: Tuned in, logged on, cashed up at Yahoo!:

Snowball, which is planning an initial public offering in March, is one of many sites targeting the 13- to 29-year-old crowd. According to Snowball, Generation Y plus Generation X equals Generation i.

So now not only are generations down to sixteen years, but sixteen years is enough to cover two generations? Maybe some marketing folks should look up “generation” in the dictionary.

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