Lunch and Feast Menu

(Scroll down for pre-registration info -- pre-registration is required for the feast)

If vegetarian alternative is desired or if there are dietary restrictions, please contact the head cook, Petronella, one week prior to the event at

Caboches in Potage
(Cabbage Soup, vegetarian style)
Cabbage, Vegetable broth, Onions, Leeks, Saffron, Salt, Powder Douce (sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg)

Baked Chicken with choice of Sauce Robert or Jance
Chicken, Rosemary, Olive Oil
Sauce Robert:
Green onions, Cider vinegar, Butter, Dijon-style mustard, Capers
Almonds, Garlic, Bread crumbs, White wine, Verjuice (or cider, whichever is available), Spices

Tart for an Ember Day (vegetarian alternative)
(Medieval onion quiche)
Onions, Bread crumbs, Eggs, Butter, Saffron, Salt, Currants, Powder Douce, Piecrust

Bread and Butter

Wardonys in Syrup
(Poached pears in red wine)
Pears, Cinnamon, Red Wine, Sugar, Ginger, Vinegar, Saffron

Shrewsbery Cakes (attendees encouraged to decorate!)
(Cookies similar to shortbread. Icing will be provided for all to decorate heraldically. You can eat your mistakes!)
Flour, Salted butter, Sugar, Rosewater, Nutmeg, Colored icing for decorating

Fresh greens and herbs (as available), Oil and Vinegar dressing

Checones in Critone
(Chicken and Pine Nuts)
Chicken, Chicken broth, Butter, Sugar, Almonds, Spices, Pine nuts, Vinegar

Arterchoak Pie (vegetarian alternative)
(Artichokes, dates and currants baked in a pie shell and served warm. It has had nothing but positive reviews.)
Artichoke hearts, Vinegar, Pie shell, Sugar, Spices, Butter, Dates, Currants, Sack (sherry), Orange peel

Benes Yfryed
(Fava beans sautéed with onions and garlic)
Fava beans, Onion, Garlic, Powder Douce (sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg), Olive oil

Bread and butter

(Cherry Compote)
Cherries, Butter, Bread crumbs, Sugar, Red wine, Cloves

Feast Pre-registration

If you wish to enjoy the evening feast, you MUST pre-register. The feast is limited to 60 seated and 15 servers/kitchen help. The feast hall is small; therefore there is NO OFF-BOARD SEATING.

The site is DRY and no ignited candles are permitted.

Pre-registration deadline: Must be received by Friday, March 24

You may pay the site fee at the same time you pre-register for feast. In fact, paying site fee in advance will help speed everybody through gate faster.


Feast (seated): $8
Feast (serving/kitchen) $6
Volunteers must contact the appropriate staff first to pay serving/ kitchen help rate
Site: $8 adults 18 and over
$5 children 10-17
$0 children 9 and under
$3 Non-Member Surcharge for non-members

Lunch will be available for $5. Lunch payments will be accepted on site only. There is NO pre-registration for lunch.

If you wish to assist with serving, please contact Lady Oddny in glada at If you wish to assist in the kitchen, please contact Lady Petronella Kovacs at

To pre-register, please send the following:

Please Note: If you are a paid member but cannot provide proof of membership when preregistering , or paying at gate, you will have to pay the $3 NMS fee and fill out the event waiver.

All pre-registrants please send:

Please tell Head Cook of any food allergies 1 week in advance. Head Cook is Lady Petronella Kovacs,

Send Pre-registration packet to:

Giuliana di Grazia
c/o Sonya Gratz
345 Pacific Ave. N. #MM-3
Pacific, WA 98047