Tales of Heraldry

How did Sir Sticksalot come by his Coat of Arms?

Why does Lady Oatcake have that odd widget upon hers?

Who gave Lord Pundodger that... interesting badge?

Via song, story, rhyme, or a combination, inquiring minds want to know!
So, in whatever of the Bardic Arts you hold dear,
Do tell us the tale of how certain Heraldic bits came to be.
(Even if you have to make it up!)

Where? At the An Tir Heraldic Symposium, that's where!
Sign up will be available on-site, with the competition being held between removes at the Saturday evening feast.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three performances, but be warned!

So come, show off, have fun and be entertained. We want to hear from YOU!

For more information, contact