A Celebration of Chivalry / Mostly Fibers Too - July 23-25

The Knighting of Sir Edward Cire of Greymoor

The person kneeling in the center of the picture, wearing the burgundy garb is Viscount Sir Ternon de Caer Liant. He is begging the boon of their Majesties to elevate Viscount Edward Cire of Greymoor to the chivalry. Cire was never a squire, so had no knight to beg the boon. Sir Ternon was his "sponsoring" knight.

Cire enters court wearing the white tabard of the knight candidate fresh from his vigil. Behind him is his lady, Viscountess Elisabeth de Rossignol.

Cire kneels before King Chepe, first king of Calontir.

Cire kneeling before the Court of Calontir. Standing is King Chepe to his right is Queen Arwyn, and flanking them are Crown Prince Shadan, and Crown Princess Erzebet.

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