Pattern: Madison’s hat (easy Fair Isle hat, bulky yarn)


Hello, knitters! Here’s a new pattern to keep you warm now that it’s winter. Madison’s hat is named for our niece; I made the first hat for her. It’s a very very easy Fair Isle hat that I strongly recommend for people who are new to stranded knitting. Why? Because the hats I made with this pattern over the last few days are the first Fair Isle patterns I’ve ever knitted. If I can jump right into it, so can you. šŸ™‚

The hats are made with bulky yarn so they knit up fast. And it’s fun, because the knitting changes so frequently. You keep saying to yourself “one more round… just… one… more…” because you want to see how the color pattern develops.

Here are a few more pics (click on each to see the larger photos at Flickr):
Two Fair Isle baby hats Two Fair Isle baby hats on a snowy day My new hat 3 new hats

Download Madison’s hat pattern here.

Some people have made this hat and posted their own pictures! I will link to photos here, so send me your URL if you post pictures of hats knitted from my pattern, and I will link to you:

This pattern is Worthware — that means, if you like it, please send what you think it’s worth via the PayPal button here. I hope you think it’s worth something. šŸ™‚ Thanks for looking at my pattern!

18 thoughts on “Pattern: Madison’s hat (easy Fair Isle hat, bulky yarn)

  1. That’s beautiful! I am a veteran knitter, and I can tell it is an easy pattern, and so beautiful. The roll brim is cute, and the snowflakes have short floats. Wonderful fair isle pattern. I signed up for Pay Pal and used it once, but I can’t figure it out again, so I don’t use it. I just don’t know how it works, although that one time was successful.

    Is there an alternative way to — um — motivate the designer to produce more patterns? I’m not against financial compensation. But I can’t do Pay Pal.

    I live in USA, in Ohio

  2. Thanks for the comments! Yes, if you don’t do PayPal there is my P.O. box address on the pattern PDF, to which you can send interesting things. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say what a fun little pattern this hat was. It was my first stranded knitting and I’ve done two of them already this week. I’m sure I’ll wind up making more. The fact that it’s only a six stitch repeat makes it easy to adjust for different gauges and head sizes too.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for a nice little pattern. This is also the first time I’ve encountered “worthware” and I thought that was really great. I hate when I pay for a pattern only to discover that it doesn’t suit at all. This way, I was able to try it out first. Wonderful!

  4. I love this hat pattern. It was my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting. The pattern is very easy to follow. You could make lots to donate to charity. The yarn I used was enough to make two hats in reverse colors. Thanks!

  5. Question!! I’m making this hat for the first time (first time at Fair Isle)..when I follow the graph, am I reading from right to left, startting at the bottom? Also, it says to put on the double needles when I get to about 56 stitches…..when do the stitches drop? I’m really confused…..also, can I use Vanna White’s Choice yarn for the hats?

  6. 1. Yes, you read from right to left, starting at the bottom.

    2. If by “when do the stitches drop?” you mean, “when do the stitches go away?” it happens while you are knitting the crown. See “Decrease round 1” there? The one that is “*K8 [9, 10, 11, 12], K2tog, repeat from * to the end of the round”? You’re removing the stitches there. Once you’ve removed a few stitches you need to change to the double-pointed needles because the circular needle will be too big. It’s pretty straightforward; just knit along, following the pattern, until you can’t stand the circular needle anymore, then switch to dpn’s.

    3. The pattern calls for bulky yarn. I don’t think Vanna’s Choice is bulky, is it? Wool-Ease Chunky or Lamb’s Pride Bulky will work well. Some folks have knitted the hat with worsted weight wool (which is what I think Vanna’s Choice is), but you usually have to add stitches to the pattern since you might not get the same gauge. If you get the right gauge with Vanna’s it might work, though. I would recommend wool or a wool-blend though, because the hat will be warmer, and will stay warm even if it’s wet (that’s the great thing about wool).

    I hope this helps!

  7. Thanks for the quick update……I’ll let you know tomorrow how I’m doing. Right now, I’m still doing the design and it’s beautiful. If it doesn’t fit me, I’ll give it to my 7 year old granddaughter. I should have bought the Wool-Ease, in fact, it was in my hand, but I liked Vanna’s colors better. I have not knitted in over 35 years, other than a couple dish rags, so this is fun. I’m also a quilter and beader and needed something different to help get through the winter (even though we’re having a tornado warning right now), it’s still winter in Indiana.

  8. I’ve got to the point where I need to get the stitches off the circular needles and onto the dbl.pointed ones, however, I have no idea how to do it….yikes, I’m worried that I’ve really screwed it up. It’s going to be beautiful, I just love it, but need some advice, again. Thanks.

  9. There’s no trick to it… you just slip the stitches from the circular needle on to the dpns, distributing them evenly. (so if you have 48 stitches left and you have a set of 5 dpns, put 12 sts on each of 4 needles. Then knit with the 5th needle. I usually use a set of 4 needles, though… but you can use whatever you like.) I slip them purlwise.

  10. Hi,
    i would love to try this pattern as my first shot at fair isle but not sure what UK wool to use. could i use aran wool?

    Glasgow Scotland

  11. Hi, I searched high and low in my local knitting shop and couldn’t find a chunky fairisle hat pattern. My daughter in law has asked for one for Christmas and I was beginning to think I would have to buy one, but thanks to you I can at least have a stab at one myself (not experienced enough yet to make up my own patterns). Thanks so much for going to the trouble of putting yours online. Will let you know how it goes. Julia,
    Oxford, UK

  12. I am trying this as m first try at fair isle, but dont know what sizeto make, child or teewoman. I have a mall head (21″), which m husband says is ecause there is nothing in their bur air. HAHAHA. I am a litle ditzy. Which size would you rexcommend? I am using Lanaloft bulky.

  13. Hi, I don’t know anything about Lanaloft Bulky so I can’t really address that, but you should make the adult size. I think my head is only a bit larger than yours. However, check your gauge to see how it works with your yarn. Have fun! šŸ™‚

  14. Thank you so much. I actually did the swatch and it measured out to be thr adult size. I am having so much fun!!! Your comment about which yarn to lay over the top really helped a lot. Of course, my main color is white so i have to remember that color 2 is the red…opposite of the picture. HAHAHA. Even this old blonde can follow this chart!! Whooooweee!!! Thanks again!!

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