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Through the magic of AppleScript, you can view my Mac desktop here in Seattle, Washington, USA (Pacific Time zone, GMT -8) from wherever you may be right now. If the script is running, it will update every five minutes. Reload this page to see if it's changed. If it hasn't updated lately, or you just see something that looks like a screen saver, it means one of these things:

A bunch of junk on my Mac desktop. You aren't missing much. :)

Frequently Asked Questions about this page:

What kind of Mac is that?

It's a SuperMac (Macintosh clone) j700, 604e/180, upgraded in early 2000 to G3/300 capability with a PowerLogix board. I got the Mac in late 1997 as a combination Christmas/anniversary gift from my husband Jason. I am running MacOS 8.5.1, with an ethernet connection to our household LAN (made up of several computers -- Macs, PCs, etc., owned by the five residents of the house) and an ISDN connection from our LAN to our ISP. Before I had this Mac I had a Performa 636cd, and before that I had an LCII, which was a nice little pizza-box machine but way slower than this one. :) (Before that, I had a Mac Plus with a 45 meg HD. Whee!)

What is that you're doing?

I currently do freelance webwork, run my rubber stamp company, and I teach HTML at a college in Seattle, so I could be working on something for any of those projects. Of course, sometimes (lots of times?) when I'm online it's when I'm not working. Then I might be doing anything. You might catch me playing a game or something. :)

Can I see something other than your computer screen?

Well, not on this page. But try our webcam page and see if the webcam is running yet.

Do you have a guestbook?

Yes, it's at Feel free to sign it.

Do you have any other pages to satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies?

I have a journal page, but it's not that exciting. Really. (Then again, neither is a screencam, but I get tons of hits for this one... what do I know?)

Can I have this script? Oh, pretty please?

I got this AppleScript from Anthony Sciola. I don't think he's still at that address, but I don't have a newer one. Perhaps you can track him down somewhere. Do not contact me, as I don't have permission to give out this Applescript. I was given the script on the condition that I not give it out. Sorry.

Do you know how to do a screencam with Windows/Linux/Amiga/WebTV/etc.?

No. Please don't bother asking. Sorry.

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