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The Honeymoon
We had planned to stay the first night in our house, then get a ride down to the airport for our 8:15 am flight. But the airline shuttles weren't going to be running, and no cab would pick us up, because of the icy weather. Uh-oh.

We called around and found a room in a motel by the airport, one that said their shuttle would be running in the morning. One of the wedding guests drove us down to the motel. The Taco Bell on Pacific Hwy S was actually open, unlike many other businesses... so we had veggie fajitas since we hadn't had a real dinner yet. then we dropped into bed, and slept for about 3 hours.

We got up and took the 6am shuttle to Sea-Tac Airport. Outside it was stunningly beautiful -- every tree was coated with ice. Everything was crystallized. (Freezing rain is VERY rare in Seattle. I'd never seen anything like this.) Our flight, amazingly, was still scheduled to leave on time. It ended up taking off an hour late, though, because of deicing, so we missed our connection in Charlotte, NC. Eventually we did get to Atlanta, where some friends miraculously found us in the airport and took us off to meet some other friends.

[Jason at Epcot]

After a few days of visiting and sightseeing in Atlanta, we arrived in Walt Disney World on January 1 for the real honeymoon. We stayed at Port Orleans, on WDW grounds, and it was very nice. I do recommend it. We kind of did the whirlwind tour of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney/MGM, because we only had a few days, but we managed to see most of what we wanted to see. We want to go back, now. :)

We arrived back in Seattle on Jan. 5 after a long day of flying.

Photos: Above left -- A pseudo magazine cover from Disney-MGM. Note the theme. Right -- Jason in front of the Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot.

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