06 Jan

Another new project: Resurrected Recipes


While working on the recent attempt to bake the 1930s Gold-N-Sno cake, Kristen and I were talking about how much fun it would be to make a blog of “resurrected recipes” — food that no one makes any more. The stuff that was commonplace for our grandparents, but is no longer in vogue. After all, even in our lifetimes, we’ve seen food preferences change pretty strongly. (When I was a kid, the bread aisle had multiple shelves of white Wonder bread and just a little bit of wheat bread. Now Wonder is gone, and if any of that squishy-style pure white bread remains at all, it’s only a few loaves at a time.)

So here it is: Resurrected Recipes. Both of us will contribute to the blog as we get a chance. Kristen’s computer is currently in the shop, though, so she might not get to post much for a bit.

29 Oct

Another way to use up extra milk: Dulce de Leche

A few weeks ago I posted about my homemade cheese experiment to use up excess milk. This week I had an unusual amount of extra milk to get rid of — a whole half gallon! Well, Halloween is coming up and so my thoughts turned to sweets… and found the perfect way to use up a lot of milk, simply. Dulce de leche is easy, if not quick, and has only four ingredients: milk, sugar, a bit of vanilla, and a bit of baking soda.

I basically used Alton Brown’s recipe, with a little inspiration from this one as well. I cooked it for about three hours and ended up with this lovely thick sauce. I had it today drizzled over bananas, and in coffee, and on oatmeal.

I think I need to give the rest away or I may regret it. I am not sure I need the sugar overload. But wow, it’s good.

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