09 Apr

“He asked me how I felt,” Moyer said. “I told him, ‘I’m ready to go and I can’t go anywhere until you get off the mound.'” Wow, I wish I could have gone to that game. I didn’t even get to see it on TV! But at least it’s baseball season and daylight savings time — summer is right around the corner! Soon it’ll be 78 and sunny while I sip Cokes in the Safeco Field bleachers.

02 Apr

BAD photographer. At first I thought the story said he had been a Times photographer since 1988, and I was appalled that such an experienced photog would manipulate a news photo in such a way. But then I reread it — he’s been there since 1998. Maybe his entire career has been digital. I don’t know, but you would think that he would be aware of what a violation of journalistic ethics this is.

26 Mar

It’s not at all surprising that Microsoft has now limited Hotmail users’ outgoing mail, to make it harder to send spam. But what did catch my eye was the following quote:

About 40 percent of all e-mail today is spam, up from 8 percent in 2001, according to San Francisco-based Brightmail Inc., a maker of anti-spam software. A total of 1 trillion spam e-mails will be sent this year, according to International Data Corp.

40 percent! And that it’s more than tripled in two years… that is honestly frightening. It doesn’t really bode well for the future.

25 Mar

The page is updating now! Apparently Blogger was trying to post from a host that is not allowed to log in here. Not sure if this is a result of a change on Blogger’s end or our end, but I sure didn’t have anything to do with it!

21 Mar

Al-Sahhaf suggested that any captured U.S. and British soldiers may not be treated as prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions. Al-Sahhaf said Iraq was considering how to treat them.

“Those are mercenaries. Most probably they will be treated as mercenaries, hirelings and as war criminals. … For sure, international law does not apply to those,” he said.

Brrr. Insanity piled upon insanity.

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