26 Mar

Finished knit project: Fuzzy Red Kitty Bed

Well, it would have been nice if I’d finished this on Pi Day, because it’s from a pattern called “Kitty Pi,” but at least I finished it in March. This is a bed for our cats.

Technical details:

It’s felted, and knitted from Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, with size US11 needles. I used two skeins of Ruby Red and one of Orange You Glad, and have a little bit left of each color. I also used some Target Fuzzy Fur around the edge, but guess what? It doesn’t even show in the final felted item. So it was useless. Oh well.

Do the kitties like it? Well, I haven’t caught one sleeping in it yet, but Sherman will at least cuddle up to it:

Sherman trying out the kitty bed

21 Mar

Are they completely nuts?

The possible names for the new Seattle MLS team have been announced, and oh my God, do they ever suck.

I hate singular-noun team names anyway, but “Seattle Alliance” and “Seattle Republic” are stupid even for that genre. “Seattle FC” is boring, but is the best of a craptastic bunch.

Sounders. Sheesh. Would it be that difficult to show a little respect for tradition around here?

17 Mar

John Wayne Gives A Driving Tour of Seattle

John Wayne Gives A Driving Tour of Seattle is an awesome clip from the early 70s movie McQ, in which Wayne starts at the Amazon Headquarters on Beacon Hill (which was PacMed back then), drives around Chinatown and SoDo, then up to South Lake Union.

The interesting thing about it is that the path he takes is relatively logical. In a lot of movie car chases you see random things filmed here and there, and once edited together to make a single sequence, they aren’t actually following any path a real person could follow. This one is sort of real. There are a couple of things here and there that wouldn’t work, but basically he does drive Beacon Hill –> Chinatown –> SoDo –> Chinatown –> I-5 north to the Mercer exit (backed up with some traffic, as usual) –> South Lake Union. He takes the real freeway exits that one would have taken at the time (one no longer exists, on Dearborn), but occasionally drives on the wrong side of the street. And somehow managed to get a car wash (perhaps at Elephant, on 4th Ave. S.) in the middle of the car chase. 😉

It is interesting to see what I-5 looked like before the Convention Center and Freeway Park lids.

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that day again; yes, the day when all Irish pubs are jam-packed full of people and you can’t hear yourself think.

On St. Pat’s, I recommend going to a Mexican place. It will be dead quiet.

Cinco de Mayo — now that’s the day to visit the Irish pubs.

If you decide to stay in, how about a couple of Irish recipes from the always great gumbopages.com website? Stew with Lamb and Guinness and Scallion Champ oughta do the trick.

17 Mar

A wealth of stained glass on Flickr

While looking for an image for someone tonight, I stumbled on one of the most beautiful photosets I’ve ever seen on Flickr: Gordon Plumb’s Stained Glass. 183 beautiful photos of stained glass, including some lovely photos of William Morris-designed windows.

After viewing Plumb’s set I wanted to look at some more glass, and found the English Stained Glass — Pre Victorian pool. More great photos. Something I found interesting in this one was the large amount of windows that are made up of fragments of older windows, put together in a sort of collage. It makes me quite sad that so many windows were destroyed, though the new versions are nice, too.

And finally, there is the general Stained Glass pool, with more than 11,000 pictures to enjoy.

15 Mar

Pattern: Golden Rose Baby Sundress

This cute sundress was designed for my niece’s birthday last year. It’s very easy to knit, with a deceptively simple lace hem and a seed stitch bodice, and knits up really quickly. The pattern contains 3 sizes: 6mo, 1yr, and 2yr.

(Etsy and craft-fair sellers: This pattern may be used to knit up to 20 dresses for sale. If you wish to sell more than 20 of them, please contact me for licensing terms.)

Materials needed:

  • 414-500 yards of worsted or aran weight yarn. The yarn called for is Lion-Brand Cotton-Ease, which is a cotton-acrylic blend that is soft, nice to work with, and easily found in your local craft store. I used just a little more than 2 skeins.
  • US8/5.0mm needles
  • Two 3/4-inch buttons for shoulders
  • Yarn needle to sew in ends

18 stitches/4 inches in stockinette stitch.

Basic knitting; this is a good beginner lace project.

You can purchase this pattern for $4.00 via this link:

Here are some more pictures (click to see a larger version at Flickr):

Lace close-up

The photos of the adorable baby modeling the dress were taken by Peter Backman. The dress she is wearing was knitted by Beth Ingersoll. (The other dress was knitted by me.) Thanks!

09 Mar

Zelda hearts laptop sleeve

Becca used my Detlef-13 felted laptop sleeve pattern to make a laptop sleeve with Zelda hearts. Very cool idea. I love how the last heart is half-empty; I guess that had to be done, otherwise they’d just look like normal hearts. Lots of old game graphics lend themselves quite well to the pixelly quality of multicolor knitting. Perhaps I’ll create some game-related charts that I can include with the Detlef-13 pattern.

09 Mar

Random YouTube vid: Pee-Wee Herman and the Alien Invasion

I just stumbled on Pee-Wee Herman and the Alien Invasion, a very short super-8 film shot by an 8 year old (back in the 80s, I assume). Pretty well done, considering. The claymation part works nicely. It’s not all that exciting, I guess, but it made me smile anyway.

You can compare it to Pee Wee’s Brain, which was an actual clip from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, also with claymation.

07 Mar

Happy birthday, Slumberland BBS!

Today marks the 17th birthday of Slumberland BBS, the bulletin board system I started in 1991.

Slumberland is a Citadel board; that is, it runs one of the many kinds of Citadel BBS software. There was a time when the Seattle area had tons of Citadels. Mine is probably the last one standing. Up until only a few years ago, you could still dial in to it, using a modem and a voice line, but now it’s telnet only (if necessary, though, you can get there from a java applet on a web page.

When the BBS went up in March 1991, it was running MacCitadel software on a MacPlus. MacCitadel was OK, but it had some quirks (the kind of quirks that could eat your whole message base), and it could not network with the other Seattle Citadels. Which was important at the time, since most of us had no Internet access, so we used Citadel networking to send our messages across long distances. (As far as Texas and New York, which was pretty impressive at the time.) So I picked up a used 286 from my employer and started running TwitCit in July 1991. Later I switched to GremCit and eventually Citadel+, which is what the board runs today.

Slumberland, like most Cits, is a “message board”; it didn’t exist for games or file downloads, but for conversation. (Though we did have the odd file here and there.) We still post messages in the various “message rooms” (topic areas), and the software now also has live chat support, so many of us just hang out at Slumberland all day long, chatting when we can.

I wonder what I would have thought if, in March 1991, someone told me that Slumberland would be up and running 17 years later, and it would be the last survivor of the old Seattle Citadel network.

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