20 Feb

Laptop sleeve in progress

Back to some knitting content — this is going to be a felted laptop sleeve for my Macbook. Note the repeating apple pattern. 😉 The tension on the apples is pretty bad but the felting should fix it. The swatch worked out pretty well. I might have to cut the strands to get it to even out when it felts, but it should be OK, based on how the swatch behaved. (I had to cut the strands on that as well but it was fine. And I could always line the sleeve.) Current plan is for it to zip on 3 sides. I still need to knit more of the plain red at the top, and I am a bit worried I might run out of yarn.

16 Feb

Kurt Cobain vigil photos, April 1994

While I was going through photo albums looking for photos to upload to Flickr, I found a group of photos that I took on April 10, 1994, at the Seattle Center memorial vigil for Kurt Cobain. These are the photos.

I looked online for articles about that day, and surprisingly, found very little. Here’s something I wrote about it myself on Metafilter, a few years ago.

It’s hard to believe that 13 years have already gone by.

15 Feb

Graffiti, Olympia, Washington, 1985

I’m going through old scrapbooks and albums to find photos to put onto Flickr. Lots of my photos are in terrible shape and I don’t want to lose them completely. This one is scanned from a contact sheet that is not in good condition — I don’t have a good full-size print of it any more and I’m not sure if I still have the negative, though it might be in a notebook in one of my boxes o’ junk.

Anyway, I was prowling downtown Olympia on a dark cloudy day in 1985, looking for something I could photograph for Bob Haft’s Experimental Photography class at Evergreen. The due date was the next day and I had procrastinated as usual. I turned a corner into an alley and found this graffiti. When I developed the photo, it didn’t look like Olympia; it seemed like something from a war zone in the 1940s.

I made a hand-colored print (which has since been destroyed), and turned that in for my assignment. This is one of my favorite photographs (though it’s not very cheery, is it?), so I hope I can find the negative and get some real prints made again sometime. Because this is scanned from the contact sheet, it looks even more vintage and unreal than the print did; it’s got a touch of blurriness and noise.

I’ve got some other old photos up at Flickr now and I might post more of them here on the blog soon.

14 Feb

Sweater with, um, interesting detail

This sweater is from the December 2006 issue of the UK magazine Simply Knitting. It is a nice enough sweater from the front, and to 99.9% of humanity, I am sure. However, some of the rest of us have been corrupted by a certain Web in-joke that means we will never, ever, be able to look at this sweater without laughing. (Hint: look at the detailing toward the bottom.)

If you don’t know the in-joke, don’t ask. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

This has not been altered in any way. Though I admit it would have been an easy creation in Photoshop. Nope, this is the way the sweater actually looks in the magazine.

06 Feb

Mystery book

Today I received a book in the mail, the book pictured on the right: Vanishing Seattle by Clark Humphrey. This is a book I’ve had on my wish list for a while; it’s got a ton of great pictures of Seattle landmarks that have sadly disappeared. I’m old enough now to remember a lot of them. Some of them I didn’t realize had gone. So, anyway, I’m thrilled to have this book. But the thing is — I didn’t order it. I was going to order it but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So it’s a mystery: who sent me the book? Thank you, whomever you are.

And by the way — if you are a Seattleite who has been here for a while, you want this book. Trust me.

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