12 Jan

The end of For Better or For Worse

The long-running daily comic strip For Better or For Worse is supposedly coming to an end soon. Or maybe not. Now she says she’s going to freeze the characters in time — they’ll no longer age in real time, which was one of the things that made the strip interesting. Probably it’s just going to be reprints of old strips with wraparound new art and characters reminiscing. “Remember when Farley died to save April? I sure miss that dog. Too bad the kid’s still around.” Is it just me or is that possibly the worst idea ever? While normally I hate it when comics get passed to a new writer or artist, in the case of FBoFW I think the best option would be to hand it off to someone else to continue. (LJ’s plotting has gotten worse and worse in the last few years, so another writer might do the strip a lot of good.) But since Lynn Johnston refuses to do that, she should just kill it off. Nuke Milborough, or something. Or if they are going to start printing reprints, just do it this way.

One thought on “The end of For Better or For Worse

  1. Thanks for posting this. I always link directly to the Strip Fix page, so this is the first I’ve heard of it. “Slumberland–My #1 source for news.” 😉

    As for her plans, it could be done with wit and creativity, but the odds are it’s going to be lame. If I wanted to read reprints, I’d just buy all the FBorFW books. (Wait a minute, I already have…)

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