10 Nov

Socks in progress

My feet are always cold in the winter. So warm wool socks are a priority. Having a kitten around put a damper on the knitting for a while, but I’ve finally managed to get some knitting done. Here’s one sock out of a pair, and the toe of the second sock just getting started.

Technical info for the knitters: the circular needle I am using is one of the new Knit Picks needles, and it is great. The join is perfectly smooth (important because I knit tightly) and the cable is nice and flexible. The needles themselves are very, very slick. In fact, if you are a loose knitter, they might be too slick for you. But for me, that is perfect.

The yarn is by On Line and it is their 6-ply sock yarn, so I get to knit it with large needles — US 5 in this case. So I started the sock a few days ago and it is already done. This thickness of sock fits just fine in most of my shoes, so I think I should knit more of these 6-ply socks. The speed at which I can produce a sock this way is really nice. I am a slow knitter so every little bit helps. The yarn is self-striping (as you can see) but the quality of the striping pattern is very nice — consistent stripe sizes, and the pattern is wide colored stripe, followed by one round of wide pale gray and white blocks, followed by a wide faux Fair Isle black and white section, followed by one round of wide pale gray and white blocks, then back to the color. The single row of grey and white is a nice effect that makes the socks look more like a real striped pattern as opposed to typical self-striping socks which can look a little sloppier sometimes.

The socks are toe-up with a short row heel. 52 stitches around through the foot and the ankle (I have wide feet and ankles), and 2×2 rib on the ankle.

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