18 Oct

Christopher Glenn, RIP

CBS News’ Christopher Glenn died yesterday. “Who’s Christopher Glenn?” some of you may be asking — but if you were a child of the 70s, you knew him, at least by voice. He was the narrator of In the News, a series of news broadcasts targeting children that were shown between cartoons on Saturday mornings. I liked Schoolhouse Rock a lot better at the time, with its catchy songs and cartoons, but I learned a lot from In the News too. If you were also a 70s kid, this sound clip ought to bring back a lot of memories.

3 thoughts on “Christopher Glenn, RIP

  1. Aw, that sucks. Christopher Glenn is one of those icons from my childhood. It’s kind of funny, over the years I would hear him from time to time on a regular CBS news report and I would get this feeling like the “real” announcers were on vacation or something and they were letting the In the News guy fill in.

  2. You are an ignorant slob who has no concept of what this skilled, intelligent, insightful newsman with a remarkable ability to communicate using language in a supremely artful way was and is. The fact that his peers elected him to the Radio Hall of Fame should put your ignorant opinion into its appropriate perspective.

  3. Ira, you are an ass. This post was a tribute to Mr. Glenn and was not putting him down in any way. I did not know he was in the Radio Hall of Fame, but I can certainly believe it as he was very good. However, as a child of the 70s, my primary exposure to him was in In The News, so that’s what I wrote about. If John is the one you are criticizing, I believe he has the same perspective; to us, no matter what Glenn did (and he did a lot), he will always be the In The News guy because we listened to him every Saturday morning while watching cartoons.

    Do you always flame on people’s blogs for no real reason? You might want to spend your time doing more constructive things.

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