11 Sep

OH NOES!! B00BIES!!!1111“1

John Keister, where are you? It’s time for some Almost Live!-style ridicule of our southern neighbor, Kent!

Starbucks is celebrating their 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, they brought back the original Starbucks logo, the one with the topless siren (well, close enough — the wording’s different, but otherwise it’s the original logo). But some folks are offended at the sight of the tiny siren’s miniature mammaries, including a school principal in Kent who has asked teachers to cover up their Starbucks cups to avoid poisoning the minds of suburban schoolchildren with the siren’s bare breasts. One imagines the masterpieces of art history that this principal has probably banned from her school as well.

A haiku on the topic:

Starbucks’ old logo
Principal says, “Cover it —
Boobs and school don’t mix.”

07 Sep

Some things are just wrong

I found this at QFC tonight: Tailgate Bagels and Tailgate Bread, from Brenner Brothers bakery. The bread and bagels come in local football team colors: Seahawks blue and green, Cougar crimson and gray (!) and Husky purple and gold.

This bread is scary. Bread is not supposed to be blue, or gray. How do you know if it’s gone moldy?

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