16 Jul

Ooga-Mooga! A place to track your tikis

(Sorry for the lack of posts. I was on vacation, and then catching up with work from being on vacation… still am catching up, really.) Ooga-Mooga! is a site for cataloging one’s collection of tiki mugs. And as you may know from previous posts, I do love my tikis. I finally got my old tiki mug collection out of storage, and a few weeks ago, I put them all up on Ooga- Mooga. Click on the picture below to see them.

Come see the rest of my collection on Ooga-Mooga

Now, I just need to find more tiki mugs — and they are a lot harder to find now than they used to be.

3 thoughts on “Ooga-Mooga! A place to track your tikis

  1. “When you’re picky ’bout your tikis, point-and-clicky at our wiki!”

    Now we just need some slack-key guitar. Where’s Zilgia Quafay/Onduma Faloon when we need her?

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