15 May

Pattern: Cupcake baby hat

This is a pattern for a hat I knitted last month. The original Cupcake hat was knitted for my new niece’s baby shower. It was such a hit and I liked the hat so much I thought I’d submit it to an online knitzine (this is the submission I mentioned in a recent post). It was rejected, so here it is. At least this way you didn’t have to wait until July to see it. 🙂

Download the Cupcake hat here (PDF). The pattern is free but it is “Worthware”; if you like it, please send what you think it’s worth to my PayPal account (address is on the pattern).

Some people have made this hat and posted their own pictures! I will link to photos here, so send me your URL if you post pictures of hats knitted from my pattern:

Here are a few more pics (click on each to see the larger photos at Flickr):
Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes

09 May

Find a good taco truck

Los Taco Trucks Unitos reviews Seattle-area taco trucks, and posts links to their health department reports as well. (Admit it. You wonder about the cleanliness of any eating establishment based in an old bus.) Tacos El Asadero gets rave reviews from them — I really should get down there sometime, as it’s near our house. Unfortunately, the taco truck that set up shop across the street from us didn’t stay around very long, so we can’t just walk to tacos…

09 May

Refrigerator poetry: love and computers

10 years ago when we bought our house, we put a set of fridge poetry magnets on the fridge, with the theme “computers.” Then I got another set with the theme “romance.” The combination was, um, odd. At parties people stood by the fridge and made phrases describing their devotion to Macs (“Macintosh is always a delight”) and dislike of Windows (“ly ing Microsoft sucks & is inferior”), or just random phrases like the ones pictured here.

After almost 10 years, though, I thought it was finally time to clean off the fridge. So the poetry magnets are gone. But, obviously, not forgotten.

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