13 Jan

Rainy Day not-random mix

We’ve had 26 consecutive days of rain in Seattle. No, this is not normal, despite our reputation. It’s awful.

Last year I made a Rainy Day mix cd, and I don’t think I ever posted it here. So in lieu of the Random Ten this week, here it is. For this mix I was thinking of music that is sort of melancholy. Notice that a bunch of the songs are in waltz time? Notice that the R.E.M. song is sort of a Beach Boys homage? (I should have placed it right after “God Only Knows” in the song order.)

  • “Sherman” — Paul Melançon (find a copy to download here)
  • “Union Station” — Gavin Guss (I’d point you to his site, but it appears to be down).
  • “Nothing Is Good Enough” — Aimee Mann
  • “Miss Misery” — Elliott Smith
  • “The Ballad of El Goodo” — Big Star
  • “Narcolepsy” — Ben Folds Five
  • “God Only Knows” — Beach Boys
  • “Boy With a Problem” — Elvis Costello (piano version from the extended CD)
  • “Hide and Seek” — Howard Jones
  • “At My Most Beautiful” — R.E.M.
  • “A New England” — Billy Bragg
  • “See How We Are” — X
  • “Nothing Wrong With You” — The Finn Brothers
  • “Ordinary World” — Duran Duran
  • “The Man I Used to Be” — Jellyfish
  • “Look What You’ve Done” — Jet
  • “Battered Old Bird” — Elvis Costello
  • “Steppin’ Out” — Joe Jackson Band (the version from Afterlife)
  • “p.s. you rock my world” — eels: the song in which the sun comes out again.

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