06 Jan

Random Ten: Covers edition

This week I decided to dig into the massive collection of cover songs I have (yeah, I’m slightly obsessed) for a Random Ten. Here goes:

  • “So You Are A Star” — Wondermints. The original was by the Hudson Brothers, in the mid-1970s. I remember watching them on their variety show when I was a kid. This version is pretty close to the original.
  • “Just When I Needed You Most” — Millie Jackson. But this is not much like the original at all. The song was a minor hit by Randy VanWarmer around 1978: a very mellow, quiet song. Millie brings more anger to it, less sadness, and a nice rant about how the guy waited to leave until after he got his hands on that month’s welfare check.
  • “King Midas in Reverse” — the Posies. This Hollies song is essentially the perfect showcase for the Posies.
  • “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” — Shawn Colvin. A lovely version of a Talking Heads song that captures the song’s essential sweetness.
  • “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass” — Marti Jones. I like this one well enough. Original is by Nick Lowe.
  • “Sugar Sugar” — Wilson Pickett. I got this this week on Rod’s recommendation, and it’s great. I am ashamed of myself for never noticing it before, as I do love all the Pickett I’ve ever heard.
  • “Baba O’Reilly” — Guided by Voices. Live, messy, and very cool. And probably very loud, which is the only way to play the Who.
  • “How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?” — Eric Kassel and Friends, from a Young Fresh Fellows tribute album.
  • “Come Dancing” — The Briefs. And also from a tribute album, this fast punk version of a great Kinks song from 1983.
  • “This Will Be Our Year” — OK Go. This Zombies song has been covered a few times, including a version by the Posies. This one is great, but I think it’s hard to ruin this song.

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