13 Dec

It’s Gray Tuesday

I forgot that it was AmericanEdit.org: Dean Gray Tuesday already. Here’s the belated link. The Dean Gray American Edit album is a great mashup of Green Day’s American Idiot, which was pulled from the net when Warner records sent the creators a cease and desist. Today, more than 200 protesters are hosting copies of the album that you can download. As the website says:

“Doing so is not intended to be a mass organization of music piracy but, rather, one single display of the consumptive power of the mash-up and home remix community in the hopes of encouraging the labels, publishers and artists who are curious about the mash-up community to consider giving the high quality productions of ‘illegitimate’ music a legitimate consideration as a promotional avenue for all music.”

I managed to get a copy of the album before the C&D, and it really is good stuff. I recommend.

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