24 Nov

TBT Towing lives!

A follow-up to the story that began here almost two years ago:

TBT Towing gets to stay in business for now, though they will have to pay financial penalties. They lost their towing license, but the revocation has been stayed unless they are caught in violation of the law again. Apparently TBT hasn’t generated any complaints to the DoL in over a year, and this had something to do with the leniency granted them. (This is interesting, since the thread generated by last year’s post contains quite a few complaints by folks who were towed by TBT more recently, including this comment by someone who says she contacted the DoL to file a complaint. It makes you wonder.)

2 thoughts on “TBT Towing lives!

  1. Please check out my Blog on Illegal and Predatory Towing. Although it is geared to California many states have similar laws. This web site is free and quite comprehensive. It will give you some good ideas on how to get your car and your money back. It is up to date as of November 2006 plus covers the new laws taking effect January 1, 2007 in California which will stop the tow trucks in their tracks! The blog used to be called sftow but as you can see it has been changed to predatorytowingincalifornia.blogspot.com

  2. Ourselves and about 15 other drivers were affected by this scam company @ a $450 a pop fee per driver this last weekend. I CAN NOT believe that not only can this so called business still operate with everything you find negative on the web about them but that it is even lawful! TRUE EVIL!!!!!!

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