22 Oct

Knitpost: Branching Out

I have a few more items in the knitting process now. One of them is this scarf, Knitty’s Branching Out. I’m knitting this of vintage Spinnerin Frostlon yarn I found at the thrift store. The yarn is 67% mohair and 33% orlon acrylic. The original color was a very pale peachy beige, which is yuk, so I overdyed it with Kool-Aid. The acrylic fiber doesn’t take dye, but the mohair does, so the result is a rose color with peach undertones. (It looks more pink in this photo than it is.) It took me three tries to get the pattern to work, but now I’ve got it down and the scarf is coming along nicely, if slowly. I’m only doing one pattern repeat every day or so.

Since this is a thrift-store yarn scarf, the total cost will be about $5. The mini-Clapotis scarf I made recently, also recycled yarn, was $2.

21 Oct

I remembered! …to post a Random Ten

OK, this time the darned Random Ten is posted. Early on Friday, at that. Nothing new in this ten — strange. But c’est la vie for random shuffle.

“The Ghost In You” — The Psychedelic Furs
The chorus of this song is what made me buy it. I don’t remember liking it back in the 80s, but I like it now.

“That’s The Way of the World” — Earth, Wind & Fire
One of the most disappointing concerts I ever went to was a circa-1982 EW&F show. We were seated where a large hanging speaker would block our view of the stage. And they never played the song I wanted to hear most: “Got To Get You Into My Life.” But I suppose they played this one.

“Walking Through Walls” — Jon Brion
From his great Meaningless album. In this song you get to hear sweet background harmonies singing “Motherfucker!” A bit odd, that.

“Extrovert” — XTC
One of my favorite XTC songs; a b-side for… I forget, “Dear God”? or “Grass”? Anyway, I bought the 12″ single just to get this. I always wanted to cover this song.

“Fog Cutter” — The Frantics
The Frantics were a 1950s-60s Seattle band. My uncle was the drummer. This is not my favorite Frantics tune (that would probably be “The Whip”), but it’s a good example of instrumental dance music of the period.

“Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?” — Joe Jackson
Joe did an album of big band songs and this is one. Good stuff, though why not get the originals?

“Suspicious Minds” — Fine Young Cannibals
Another cover! I think liking FYC probably gets me no respect whatsoever. But I will admit to liking them a lot.

“Atomic Dog” — George Clinton
It’s Friday! Time to dance!

“Come Anytime” — Hoodoo Gurus
Ah, I do love the Hoodoo Gurus. This particular song is 3:21 of hooky double entendre (“Come anytime, I’m a man of measure”) and what’s not to like about that?

“Who’s Lovin’ You” — Jackson Five
Back when Michael Jackson was a child prodigy with an afro and a normal nose. And none of the weird vocal mannerisms he later adopted. This is just flat out great. (And another cover, actually — of Smokey Robinson.)

21 Oct

Another local landmark to close

Leilani Lanes will close in a few months, leaving only three bowling alleys left in Seattle. (Let me see… I think that would be the one on Rainier Avenue, Sunset Bowl in Ballard, and the one in West Seattle, right?) All the bowling alleys I went to when I was a kid (not that often) are already gone — Lake City, University Village…

Like skating rinks, bowling alleys take up space that could be used for another Staples or Fred Meyer. As if we don’t have plenty of those already. (Except in Southeast Seattle. A Fred Meyer or a Target would be pretty damned handy down here.)

According to the article, it isn’t a lack of business that is causing the alley to close. But I wonder if bowling alleys, generally, would see a hell of a lot more business if they would have gone non-smoking years ago. Sometimes my friends and I talk about going bowling, but we never go — because most bowling alleys are smoke-infested. (I know there are some that are not, including one on the East side. I don’t think Leilani is one of these, is it?)

Anyway. There are some things that are nice about living in the 21st century. But I don’t think I would mind a few things to be as they were in the mid-20th century — things like bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, and skating rinks where today we have endless condominiums, Office Depots, Sam’s Clubs, and parking lots.

(In a similar vein, Wonder Bread is disappearing from shelves in Washington and Oregon — probably forever. When I was a kid, I ate that stuff. And I remember when the bread aisle at Tradewell was about 60% Wonder and 30% Langendorf. With a few lonely loaves of Roman Meal and sourdough. It’s weird — I haven’t eaten that stuff in years, but I will miss seeing the colorful Wonder Bread packaging.)

13 Oct

I think this thing still needs some work

I was trying a new feature in the iTunes Music Store — the “Just For You” section in which they make recommendations based on your previous purchases. It gives me the following:

“You bought ‘Sexuality’ (by Prince).
We recommend: ’16 Most Requested Songs: Les Paul & Mary Ford'”

I… don’t think so.

11 Oct

Things I could have blogged about, but instead I knit a hat

Here I am wearing the hat I made out of the Noro Kureyon left over from the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers.

While knitting this, I should have blogged about these instead:

But, no, I finished knitting a hat. And worked.

05 Oct

Finished armwarmers

Non-knitters, sorry — this is another knitpost. Here are the finished Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers. For some reason the camera couldn’t deal with the light and color here so the color is messed up and the image is overexposed. I adjusted it to get the armwarmers relatively close to true color, even if my skin, hair, and sweater are completely wrong.


Noro Kureyon yarn, color 147
US 9 needles (I knit a bit tight)
Pattern from the book Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation
Started September 30 2005, finished October 4 2005

I liked the pattern, but if I make armwarmers again, I am just going to have a hole for the thumb or something. I don’t like the thumb part and I also didn’t enjoy knitting that bit.

I wonder if I have enough leftover Kureyon to make a hat…

04 Oct

Forward-facing new nickel

The US is getting a new nickel next year, and unlike the old one, this one will have Thomas Jefferson facing forward. I envisioned a really ugly coin, but it’s actually not bad. It sort of looks foreign, not having the head centered on the face of the coin. And I like the “Liberty” in Jefferson’s handwriting. What do you think? I just wish that next they would get rid of dollar bills and switch to coins like Canada.

03 Oct

Armwarmers in progress

I’m knitting the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation. Same yarn, even — Noro Kureyon, which is gorgeous stuff. Different colorway, of course. These are what I think of as Washington colors — all evergreen trees and water. I started the armwarmers on Friday. This was the progress as of Sunday night. Talk about a quick knit!

Of course, instead of “hurry up spring,” I made these for “winter is coming and I’m hoping not to freeze as usual.”

I would finish the second one tonight but I am getting a ton of work piled on, so maybe not. We’ll see. (Oh, yes, I know I also forgot to post my Random Ten on Friday. It’s been a tough couple of weeks.)

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