28 Jul

What is wrong with this quote?

“Kids across the nation will soon rejoice,” he said, as they get another hour of daylight trick-or-treating.

Um, hellooooo… only toddlers with their parents go trick or treating in the daylight. The rest go after dark as the good lord intended! Sheesh.

It’s bad enough that fewer and fewer kids get to enjoy trick or treating these days, but expecting them to do it in daylight? That’s just no fun at all.

07 Jul

Mmm, chocolate

Like chocolate? Want to get a t-shirt that displays your love for the cocoa bean? Now you can get a shirt that is not only chocolate-colored, but chocolate-scented. Really. (Though their website could do a better job of mentioning this. It’s buried in the “About Us” link.)

I wonder what happens to the scent after a few washes. I also wonder if it would make me crave chocolate all day long!

01 Jul

“A hollow voice says, ‘Fool.'”

Back in the ancient mists of time (or something like that), there was a computer game called Adventure. In that game, there was a magic word: xyzzy. Since then, a lot of games have included xyzzy in some form as a tribute to the much-loved Adventure game. And I do mean a lot. The xyzzy responses page collects as many examples as possible, and some are pretty funny, such as the goofy Christopher Cross parody. (Gads, I really am showing my age now.)

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