25 May

The sad story of Jason Sprinkle, guerrilla artist

I’m out of town and so I haven’t been able to post much, but I did find this story on the P-I website that I found to be terribly sad: the obituary of Jason Sprinkle, an infamous guerrilla artist in Seattle a few years ago. He went from art notoriety, to Christianity, to schizophrenia, to an unwitnessed death by freight train in Mississippi. I hope he is at peace.

10 May

No more patrol towing

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that states can outlaw patrol towing. This was specifically about a case in California, but it should affect us here in Washington, since we have a similar pending case involving the same company.

West Coast Towing was told to stop patrol towing by Washington State regulators, so they moved on to “clamping” or “booting” cars instead. Oops, that’s illegal here too. So they lost their towing license. Sucks to be them.

TBT Towing was also investigated on the same charge of patrol towing, and they may possibly lose their license as well. See previous posts about this topic here, here, and here. (That first one is the big one — 48 replies and counting!)

03 May

What’s with the neckline?

Curious about the new Superman costume for Superman Returns? See this article. Apparently lots of the fanboys are up in arms. Knowing that, I was expecting something truly atrocious, but it’s not that bad, really. I agree that the neckline (and therefore the cloak attachment) are wrong, though.

I was glad to see that they didn’t do the extreme fake muscles thing a la the Batman movies. I really really hate that. I hate it when just about any superhero is drawn with freaky musculature. I mean, if you have superpowers, especially Superman’s superpowers, exactly why would you spend all your time in the gym trying to perfect the six pack? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, the new costume has a long cape, which I like. Capes also make no sense, but I like them anyway.

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