08 Nov

“Oh yeah!”

The Kool-Aid FAQ v7.0 from the fine folks at alt.drinks.kool-aid is much more interesting than you might expect. From the history of Kool-Aid (It started as “Fruit Smack” — good thing they changed the name), to “Frank B. Anderson’s Secret Kool-Aid Recipe” which uses 2 cups of your favorite brand of ginger ale to replace some of the water, to Kool-Aid recipes (the, um, Kool-Aid sandwich), there are lots of interesting tidbits to be found in this FAQ.

For example, did you know that Kool-Aid has been used to dye King salmon? (Yes, the fish.) And to clean dishwashers? And how about this unusual use for the stuff:

“I work as an engineer on US flag merchant ships. We use Kool-Aid mixed into the control water system of the auto-shooting fuel purification centrifuges. It is a cheap, excellent, mild acid that helps to keep scale from forming in the solenoid valves and control orifices. The consensus is that Grape works best.”

But wait, there’s more! Remember the Kool-Aid Man video game from Atari? The FAQ includes game rules and tips.

And if you want drink recipes, they’re here: from non-alcoholic (Blood Kool-Aid, Kool Coffee, Dishwasher Punch) to the very alcoholic indeed (Dead Puppy; Antifreeze; Smurf Piss — 2 parts Berry Blue Kool-Aid, 2 parts Mountain Dew, 1 part grain alcohol!; and Purple Pantie Pulldowns).

The alt.drinks.kool-aid people are clearly insane in the best possible way. Drink up!

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