06 Oct

Renters may be underrepresented in voter polls

You may think you’re a frequent voter. You vote in most elections. But are you a renter? Have you moved lately? The pollsters may categorize you differently. As this post from the Slacktivist blog points out, this may affect polls of “likely” voters, which could then underrepresent renters, who are frequently urban and young — a demographic far more likely to vote Democratic.

5 thoughts on “Renters may be underrepresented in voter polls

  1. Endorse someoen Nemo. Have you done that on your site? Who of those who will be on the ticket in Washington State will you endorse for president?

  2. well it isn’t… too many tards out there might think you are voting nader. Last thing I want are any good democratic electorals from our state going independant! Not this year anyway.

  3. I wouldn’t vote Nader if you paid me. I don’t trust the guy — what he’s doing this year is enough to make me think he’s a megalomaniac.

    I was actually a Kucinich supporter early on.

  4. I was a Dean supporter early on. I’ve seen both bumper stickers with Kerry Edwards stickers on top of them since I moved here to washington. The thing I don’t understand about Nader is if he is really as dumb as he is… or if he is an oblivious egomaniac… or megalomaniac! Which is a wonderful word to describe the nut job! I used to dig the guy. Not enough to vote for him but enough to hold my tounge when he started to first show signs of being a huge moron. Well Go Kerry. Go Edwards… while they aren’t the best they certainly aren’t as frightening as the bushtards. I don’t even understand how half of america can support that moron.

    OK this comment space is not for ranting sorry. 🙂 I’ll do that on my own time. Please encourage those you know in states that are borderline to support Kerry.

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