21 Jul

Despotism, as seen in 1946

Slacktivist has a post discussing a 1946 classroom film on “Despotism”, which included some interesting narration:

“If a community’s economic distribution becomes slanted, its middle-income groups grow smaller and despotism stands a better chance to gain a foothold. …

“If this condition exists over the nation as a whole, so that the control of jobs and business opportunities is in a few hands, despotism stands a good chance. …

“A community rates low on an information scale when the press, radio and other channels of communication are controlled by only a few people, and when citizens have to accept what they are told. In communities of this kind, despotism stands a good chance. …

“If books, newspapers and the radio are efficiently controlled, the people will read and accept exactly what the few in control want them to.”

All of this, of course, is more than a little chilling in today’s climate. You can view the film online here.

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