17 Jul

Looking for bubble tea?

Bubble tea has developed into a major fad in the Seattle area. Certain neighborhoods have multiple bubble tea shops, all serving hundreds of sweetened fruit and tea drink lovers. It’s good stuff, though if you’re not a tea-drinker, don’t worry — many flavors have no tea at all. (I just drank a strawberry bubble tea that was essentially strawberry milk. But who doesn’t like that?) And if the tapioca pearls scare you don’t worry about that, either. You can get the drinks sans tapioca.

My favorite bubble tea shop is Honey Moon Milk Tea in the Uwajimaya food court, followed by Yunnie Bubble Tea on the Ave. But if I’m looking for another place to try, there is always BobaFind.com, a site with a database of tea shops. Type in your zip code and you’ll find where this delicious drink can be found in your area.

2 thoughts on “Looking for bubble tea?

  1. I like the ‘traditional’ coconut milktea with tapioca. Although the local Malaysian restaurant doesn’t make it as well as the Chinese snack bar/cafe in the West Village in Manhattan πŸ™

  2. There was an article on this bubble tea stuff in Vegas, Las Vegas Weekly, about two or three months ago. They talked about how great it was and that it should catch on. Well, it didn’t in vegas. I did go to a shop to try it though and found it, odd. πŸ™‚ I guess it is all the rage in taiwan as well. If I remember correctly.

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