19 Jun

Lush is coming!

Those who know me know that I am not a girly girl. Makeup, shoes, dresses, perfume… not really a big deal to me. I find Sephora stores more intimidating than enticing. Despite this, I am excited — no, thrilled — to see that Lush is coming to Seattle (well, Portland first). For years I have been going to Vancouver, or sending orders with friends to Vancouver, or ordering online just to get products like the awesome “Back for Breakfast” shower gel (alas, they discontinued “Crush”, which smelled exactly like orange juice!), but the best way to buy Lush is to go into the stores and, well, smell everything.

Normally I hate perfumy places and can’t tolerate many perfumes at all, especially floral ones. But in general, Lush stores smell good and the perfumes there don’t irritate my lungs, as long as I avoid a few specific products.

I know so many other people who love Lush products that I am afraid their store will be swamped when it opens. Just like when Krispy Kreme opened in Issaquah. If only Lush would be open 24 hours a day like the KK is.

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