17 Jun

Racist German spam flooding mailboxes

A massive amount of xenophobic spam in German has been hitting e-mailboxes all over the place lately.

This is bad enough, but, like many spammers, the idiots sending this are forging return addresses. One of which is mine. So I have been getting hundreds of bounce messages for these every day, since last week, for spam I had nothing to do with: racist spam that has my address on it. I can only imagine how many of those spams actually do get through, and how many people are unsophisticated enough to think I actually sent it.

I cannot understand why anyone would do such a terrible thing as this.

2 thoughts on “Racist German spam flooding mailboxes

  1. I wondered what all of those were, and because they were spam, I didn’t even bother running one through Sherlock’s Translation thingy. Long time no blog, the wordpress move is complete as you can see from my uri.hope you’re well. cheers.

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