11 Jun

Every Beatles Song in Alphabetical Order

After the assassination of John Lennon in 1980, a radio engineer put together a montage of all Beatles songs. This was a lot harder to do back then, on tape, than it would be now. An updated version (with the Anthology songs from the 1990s) can be found here.

I remember hearing a similar montage on one of the Seattle radio stations around the same time. I wonder if it was the same montage?

The station I heard it on rebroadcast it a few times, once during a “Beatles A-Z” weekend. That time, they gave a prize to the first caller to point out which song included in their version of the montage wasn’t by the Beatles. The interloper was “Glad All Over,” by the Dave Clark Five. I didn’t get through on the phone to claim the prize, though.

(Via Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again.)

2 thoughts on “Every Beatles Song in Alphabetical Order

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